Dear Girls – Book Review

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Book Title: Dear Girls

Author: Ali Wong

Genre: Autobiography/ Humor

My Rating: ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ /5 ⭐


I watched her stand up comedy show but I couldn’t finish it because of her R rated jokes. It’s too much for my like and so I hesitated to read this book. But then after convinced by the good reads rating and reviews I gave it a try glad I did. She is way more hilarious than on stage. The book does have R – rated jokes but it’s more than that in so many ways. I enjoyed the book. She is one of the humorous, sarcastic women yet very deep thinker and strong opinionated feminist. Her writing is so deep in so many aspects. I laughed out loud at some places and thought a lot about her deep chapters. She is a kind, passionate, adventurous, brave woman. Kudos to her achievements. Definitely an inspiration. Recommend this book for a good laugh.

 My Thoughts While Reading:

This part contains a lot of spoilers, so please read at your own risk.

  • Her miscarriage chapter is something every woman ( I think every adult ) should read. Not only it made us realize it’s a very common tragedy but it also teaches all the senseless people how to behave/ what to ask, what not to ask a woman who just loses her unborn baby.
  • The sarcastic comment about her casino watch in chapter 5 is the one I laughed out. And I smiled often thinking about it. Her wittiness and timing sense is awesome I couldn’t forget it at all.
  • In the same chapter, she talked about sexual inequality especially in her field, how she felt insecure to dress as an elegant woman to seems funny. How she broke the common stereotype of women is not funny in her own way is really inspiring. Bravo 👏 Ali Wong.
  • Her Vietnam episodes in chapter 6 showed her other face. The adventurous Ali Wong! I never heard of such woman ! the way she straight away tried (eaten )the duck embryo and drank the snake heart cocktail shows how outgoing and extrovert she is!
  • The generations living under the same roof and the free childcare reminds me of the Indian culture. I think all the Asian countries have a similar structure in one or other way.
  • The restaurant finding chapter is way too sarcastic and humorous. The way she put the tablet column for each cuisine is impressive.
  • I love the way she describes the benefits of a simple wedding. Everything is true to follow though it seems funny.
  • And for people like me who wonders about the easiness of her husband through all of this, the last chapter was written by her husband and it’s straightway proved nothing comes easily. His ( their ) struggles and their way to overcome it and to achieve it as a family rather than an individual is something to look upon and to follow.
  • As I told other than the R rated jokes this is a great book to laugh, think and to get inspired.

Favorite Quote From The Book :

 “Focus not on the result, but instead, the process and the journey.”

“A true feminist husband doesn’t see a woman’s money, power, and/or respect as a reflection of his own lack of success. A true feminist husband embraces his wife’s ability to provide by celebrating her and stepping up.”



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