The Giver of Stars – Book Review

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Her Book Title: The Giver of Stars

Author: Jojo Moyes

Genre: Historical Fiction

My Rating: ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ /5 ⭐

I adored this book and so this review may be biased.  I love everything about this book, the story setting, the narration, the lovely diversified characters,  the women empowerment, the love among them! everything! It’s a treat to historical fiction lovers. The beautiful narration of the east Kentucky mountains was a treat to our minds. the author tactfully transported us into 1930 s Kentucky and hooked us within the characters and so we feel all the emotions felt by the characters. The plot is revolving around the women and their story and it’s compelling throughout the end. I liked the rebellious yet caring behaviors of the women, I love the way they find themselves content with what they are doing other than simply being a doll and not following all the social norms set out to control them. And I liked the way the author determined that none of the characters were rescued by any male leads at any time in the story. and I liked the way the story ends. I enjoyed it blissfully for its deep message and so highly recommend it.


Thoughts While Reading :

Disclaimer: This section contains spoilers.

  • The initial pages made me realize the sad reality of Nothing much changed from those years for women .even after nearly 100 years we Still under so much social pressure in the names of all cultural norms.


  • It reminds me of something, Michelle Obama the former first lady said in her biography about Hillary Clinton. “Hillary was bullied for being a woman when the male leads were accused of something about their potential she was teased for having a screechy voice”. how pathetic our society against women!


  • The characters diversified in all the possible ways. one tribal, one immigrant, one physically challenged and one African American woman I could give all five stars for this alone. for portraying all the characters as brave, kind and self-righteous without any discrimination.


  • I love the place where the characters asked among themselves ” what would you do if you could do anything you want to do?” huh this one line showed our entire women species life!isn’t it? we can’t still do what we want to do . and I love at least for brief moments the characters can fantasize about their freedom.


  • when Alice asked marge “You never traveled beyond the east side how do you know things? the author didn’t give a straight answer to that but we already knew “with books we can travel around the world without stepping outside of your home.”


  • I love that Alice’s character portrayed as an immigrant. where she doesn’t know which is her home anymore. the unstable nature of presence between two countries yet couldn’t feel anywhere being at home is something relatable to me and I felt personal about it . and I like though being in a new country without knowing a single soul she doesn’t want to stay in a place where her self respect destroyed by domestic violence. I liked that determination and her braveness. and the way she doesn’t want to return once she realized Bennett didn’t love her at all shows her dignity. her character is adorable in all ways.


  • Margery O’Hare, I couldn’t say in words how much I marveled at her. Her courage the rebellious behavior her stand for what she felt right, so much to look upon and to follow.


  •  The new widow Kathleen’s sorrowful cry made me almost cry, that’s the wonderful work of the author to transfer the feelings of the characters into us without us being realized about it.


  • throughout the story, I was praying “please don’t make any male characters to rescue the woman”. Thanks to the author she didn’t do it at all. She was clear any work has to be done, done by the girls. There are no princesses that need to be rescued.


  • The way the friendship portrayed among the characters is something different than the usual stereotypes, they didn’t say it in all the words but a single nod, a small hug, a single word that’s it, but all they know they have each other back. I liked it and yearning for such a kind of friendship.


  • though the last chapters were not up to my expectations and felt unreal( Verna McCullough’s witness statement ) I just neglect it, because I want the happy ending too.

Favorite Quotes From the Book:

“It doesn’t matter how smart you are, how clever, how self-reliant—you can always be bettered by a stupid man with a gun.”

“marriage, they say, halves one’s rights and doubles one’s duties.”


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