My Lovely Wife – Book Review

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Book Title: My Lovely Wife

Author: Samantha Downing

Genre: Thriller

My Rating: ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ / 5 ⭐

“How could a person think like this?” is the first question pop on my head after finished this book. For all the 5 star hype in Goodreads, mine going to be a different unpopular opinion. The first few chapters made me want to stop reading it. Though it doesn’t have any bad killing scenes somehow the author made us feel disgusted about the psycho thoughts. Then the story started to heat up we couldn’t put the book down. I was chasing for answers but at the same time rolling the eyes for all the logical questions nagging on the back of the mind. Finally, it’s over with unbelievable ending with all the cinematic turns of events. For me, I don’t like it. Could give three stars for the narration and the plot. But because I don’t like it doesn’t mean you wouldn’t. Most people like this psychological thriller so you may like it. But I can assure you, definitely you will want to know the answers and so you will finish the book.

Thoughts While Reading :

Disclaimer: This part contains the spoilers.

  • The most impressive part for me is, the narrator, the father of the kids, the husband of the psycho wife, the male lead doesn’t have a name !! Which is brilliant! I realized it only after I started writing the review and it blows my mind.
  • Couples who are having teenage kids, plot, select and kill the women without any suspect. The real possibility of it made me chill and also doubted its logic.
  • could easily guess Millicent is the one who did all torture to her sister Holly once she enters the story but tats the only guess we could make correct. I can give credit to the author for that.
  • Why he ( of course the male lead ) enjoy when plotting all the murders with his wife and suddenly acted like he became sane person when the events turned to blame him?
  • How an old not so close friend, still believe him and helped him when he has all the evidence to doubt and the whole world believe he is the killer?
  • The climax is the cherry on top of all the illogic. Within a moment of hearing a single sentence, the kids believed their dad and killed their mom ?? Tat’s a total unbelievable blow.
  • The way he is out of sentence with all forensic evidence is also a super turn around stunt.
  • It’s doubtful I may read another book by the author, hope the movie would be much better with all the answers.


Favorite Quote From the Book :

“I want my kids to feel safe. I also want them to know how dangerous the world is.”


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