Honeymoon alone – Book Review

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Book Title: Honeymoon alone

Author: Nicole Macaulay

Genre: Fiction /Romance

My Rating : ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ / 5 ⭐

Just a plain and happy story. The story is very predictable in every aspect and we could say what would happen next without turning the pages. Yet the writing style is magnificent, very easy going and pleasant to read. Though the story is ordinary I felt a lot of subtle changes in characterization and other circumstances make this book very different from other books in this genre stereotype. But the climax is kind of a bummer which I couldn’t stop rolling my eyes out. Seriously how many more books will have this kind of cheesy and not so practical climax !!! Other than that I like this book. If you want to read something light and enjoyable go for it!

Thoughts while reading :

This section contains subtle spoilers.

  • The female lead! Usually, in these types of stories, the heroine would be a silly character. But here she is adorable, good-hearted yet knows her game.
  • And the same way, the family would always criticize the female lead or at least seem like that until the moment she realized they really loved her, but here from the beginning the love and affection among family members are adorable and make us yearn for it.
  • Even the friend character is designed as matured and responsible one unlike the usual loony types
  • And the way she enjoyed her trip to London and Paris make us yearn one. The Paris section seriously reminds me, my time over there and I enjoyed it.
  • After the Paris trip, the story is a usual misunderstanding, an unbelievable stunt which is kind of tolerable.
  • But the climax is the total cheesy one, which I wish she should finish the story in London itself.


Favorite Quotes From the Book:

“Sometimes it’s really great to just not be yourself”


Disclaimer: Though I received this book #honeymoonalone from #netgalley ARC, the opinion is straight from my heart without biased in any way.


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