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Book Title: The Apartment

Author: K.L.Slater

Genre: Thriller/psychology thriller

Rating: ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ /5 ⭐

This is my first book by K.L Slater and I am definitely impressed! From the beginning this book made me chase the pages! The very first chapter dragged me into the plot and made me felt “something bad is going to happen and it’s going to be very disturbing”. As I felt, when things started to go wrong I was on the edge to find answers. The story starts with a stranger who met a recently widowed woman at a coffee shop and offered a luxurious apartment for rent for a very little price. The reason behind that cunning generous offer is the remaining story of the entire book. The author made clear of the sufferings of the female lead and the child. When she hopes she is going to be happy in the “new” place, our heart also wants that to happen. But when things going downward whirl, with the characters we too feel mad and sad. And the anonymous POV is giving some pointers about the story, by which we could predict what is going on and that made my heart skipped its beat. I have my mere doubt about a person behind all the troubles but nothing solid. And suddenly when I couldn’t take it anymore the story comes to an end with a great twist! Thanks for that! Great psychological thriller! I recommend it for a one-sitting read!

My thoughts while reading:

This section has some subtle spoilers.

  • The thing with psychological thrillers is the possibility of its real-time happenings, unlike the haunted stories. And the same made a chill ran down my spine.
  • One thing that made my heart cry is the way the children being beaten emotionally in every possible way(both Albert & Freya )! Couldn’t bear to read it! To my horror, the “Little Albert” experiment is not a fiction!
  • I like the way the story ends suddenly! Yes, it felt all of a sudden we came to an end which I appreciate! I would have not liked it if the scenes repeated it’s pattern until Freya became insane!
  • The climax scenes are one whirlwind of events on which we couldn’t grip on any doubts we have throughout the book about the villain ! the point which Freya doubted about Mark’s arrival, made us doubt her insanity for a second! It’s brilliant!
  • There is no reasonable explanation given for Dr.Mardsen’s actions. Why should he support and did all these even after the death of  Sophie Taylor?
  • Overall I like this book, definitely a non-putdownable read!


I received this free ARC from #NetGalley and the publisher, and this review is straight from my heart!! HONEST AND UNBIASED.


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