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Book Title: Mindful Games for Kids

Author: Kristina Sargent

Illustration: Kelley Buzzell

My Rating: ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ / 5 ⭐

This would be a great gift for any kids, teachers, and parents. Have 50 easy and fun mindful games for kids. The games are described step by step in very simple English for kids to follow. It would be fun party games for kids yet very calming too. When read alone the games seems like a simple boring one for the kids but when doing with other kids , it’s really funny. The games divided into 5 sections,

  • Magic Breath
  • Spectacular senses
  • Gentle Thoughts
  • Easy Emotions
  • My amazing body

Here the chapter titles say everything. Though this book is mainly for kids above 8 or 9 years old some of the games are easy enough for the toddlers too.(My 5 year could do most of chapter 1 games). And some games like “Balloon Breathing” are even for adults to practice. (Believe me, it’s really calming! ) . And buy the printed book than ebook or Kindle version,  as it would be easy for kids to handle, trace the pictures for the activity. My only concern is ,the illustrations could have been better , other than that I recommend this book.

I received this free ARC from #NetGalley and the publisher, and this review is straight from my heart!! HONEST AND UNBIASED.


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