There’s Something About Sweetie – Book Review


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Book Title: There’s Something about Sweetie

Author: Sandhya Menon

Genre: Romance/Young Adult

My Rating: ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ / 5 ⭐

I like Sandhya Menon’s “dimple met Rishi”  book and so have a good high expectation of this one and she didn’t disappoint me. This is such a good “young adult romance”. The female lead “Sweetie” is my favorite. she broke all stereotypes. I remember the book “Dumplings” with an almost similar female lead but this book is much much better in every way. I wish this should be made in a movie rather than a “dumplings movie”. This book opened some new perspective on me. Being on a thin side never ever I realized the  “fat” people’s problems. And after reading this I could sense their problems and the society’s unhealthy obsession over being thin. The one thing I most admire in her books is the rich Indian culture she portrayed fabulously. I would give all five stars for that alone. Good, lively, and lovely romance to read.

Thoughts while reading:

This section has some spoilers.

  • As I told earlier I never realized the problems faced by fat people and I think this book would make the fat people especially teenage girls to get inspired. Chubby Girls ( Especially the Teen Age Girls) you should read this.
  • I adored the character ” Sweetie” in every possible way but seriously the teenage girls are that much wise thinkers and mature characters nowadays?? sometimes I felt her thought process is beyond her represent age.
  • I hate the way she portrayed the “mom” character. I don’t think any Indian mom would hurt their own kids like that. I have seen a lot of over-productive moms but not in this way at all. Maybe I didn’t encounter one as such.
  • The Indian parenting circle narrated in this story is unbelievable and I often worried this may give a lot of wrong impressions. I never have seen any Indian parents set up their kid’s date at all or am I blind on this side??
  • In the end, she makes the things right by made the lead character realize the goodness of his own origin.
  • other than that the humbleness, mindfulness of our(Indian) practices, the Holi festival scenes, and the birthday party confessions are very good and admirable.
  • Love this book and already can’t wait to read her next book ” 10 things I hate about Pinky”.

Favorite Quotes From Book :

“The word ‘fat’ isn’t inherently bad or gross. It’s people who’ve made it that way. ‘Fat’ is just the opposite of ‘thin,’ and no one flinches at that one. So, ‘fat’ is just another word that describes a person like ‘brown’”

“I think people who stand up for themselves, especially in the face of being told not to, are the kind of people this world needs more of.”



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