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Book Title: The Love Square

Author: Laura Jane Williams

Genre: Romance


She’s single. But that doesn’t mean it’s not complicated. Penny Bridge has, historically, been very unlucky in love. She’s pledged to focus on other things – her friends, her career – making the most of what busy London life has to offer. But when difficult circumstances mean that Penny’s uncle must hand over the kitchen of his beloved restaurant in Derbyshire, she finds herself stepping into a new life in a new town.

And as luck would have it, she’s suddenly confronted with one remarkable man who wants to date her, followed by another. And then another. So begins a hilarious love-square with Penny firmly in the middle. Penny has to choose between three. But are any of them The One?

My review :

The first thing caught my attention was the deep sensitive emotions captured in the very careful selection of words! The narration was fantastic! And the characters were very good and memorable! Each character felt more natural. We can see them in our day to day life. The plot was a love story, family drama, and the problems tangled in between them. But it felt different than other usual stories. But it’s not humorous in any way as in the description. It was a very deep emotional story! I didn’t smile ( let alone laugh ) at any place. The love square between  Penny and other men was my least favorite part, it seems kind of forced in a very lenient story. Otherwise, I enjoyed the reading! It’s a good emotional love story!

Thoughts While Reading :

This section has some subtle spoilers,

    • The initial chapters were boring with too many dialogues. But then after 25% of the book, the storyline picked up!
    • The way the author handled the sensitive subjects of cancer survivor and infertility is admirable! not portrayed as a sympathetic tragedy but made the reader realize its pain.
    • And the diversification of characters (LGBTQ ) is also appreciatable!
    • Just a minute after penny left, Francesco kissed another lady was a really unbelievable twist!
    • And I got mad at uncle David’s character for being selfish about his bar! There was no enough justice given for that.
    • Love the sister character Clementine, the friend characters Sharon and Charlie! Each of their parts felt genuine and natural!
    • My least favorite part was Preyesh and Thomas, which doesn’t make any sense! At least I could understand Thomas as a rebound after Francesco, but Preyesh is too much to get into the idea. It didn’t feel right even in the story! And it totally destroys the penny character which was wonderfully developed up to that point! I couldn’t get around the concept of love square however I tried to! Simply not for me!
    • But the love, conversations, even the fight between Penny and Francesco feels deep! Their part of the story is magical and more natural!
    • The part penny thought about her mom and felt  “one speaking with their own mom is a  luxury” describes the deep pain of motherless girls! It makes my heart weep! These kinds of small deep emotions wonderfully ported from the book to the reader’s heart is the best thing about this book! should read it for that!



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Thanks to #netgalley and the publisher #AvonBooksUK for this ARC. This review is straight from my heart not biased in any way!

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