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Book Title: Happiness for beginners

Author: Katherine Center

Genre: Fiction /Romance


My Review:

Another one of Katherine Center’s enchanting books. You know the way the story gonna travel and almost find out the ending and guessed the next turn of events but still, you want to read the book! Not because you have chosen it but it’s compelling and soothing our soul! The words kept on ringing in our minds and at times made us question ourselves! The self-questioning, self-realization is a big part of all of her books and this one is not an exception! It’s everything we need at this moment of predicament. The linear storyline is predictable as I told and so the initial chapters were plain but once they started the hiking journey it’s gripping throughout the end. I love this book, recommend it for deep, happy reading!

Thoughts While Reading : 

This part contains spoilers of the story.

  • The description of the hiking group and the journey made me yearn for one. I want to be in that group simply to witness everything.
  • while enjoying the story, our mind parallelly made us wonder about nature, the survival life, and how much we took granted for our convenient life.
  • The 10 years younger hero than the heroine is a new stereotype break.
  • The character “Windy” is refreshing. It’s not necessary if the character is competent to the heroine she should be bad. ( another Stereotype break) . she can be good and lovable even the heroine couldn’t hate her.
  • Dog psychology is interesting and almost it represents Helen’s own life (not trust anyone because of the fear of getting hurt again).
  • The way Helen didn’t hold any grudges against her ex-husband throughout the book is admirable. She didn’t have any bitterness for her divorce, which is very new in this kind of story.
  • the place when Jake reveals he is going to be blind ( We could guess it well before) and made the heroine realize how small her problems are and how she should be grateful for her life also made us realize the same.
  • Trying to remember three good things that happen every day to appreciate our life is definitely to follow.
  • when Helen didn’t win the certificate rather than hope it otherwise made us realize Happiness is not about acquiring things or the result, its a journey to that. Though Helen didn’t win the certificate, she had a journey to remember for.
  • “Move On” is Katherine’s staple chanting to cheer our life in all of her books I read so far and I like it.
  • the climax is very predictable and cinematic but that’s the ending we all want and so it doesn’t seem like a big problem.
  • Read this to appreciate your life.

my rating -2

Favorite Quote From the Book :

“Life never gives you exactly what you want.”

“The most important thing to remember is that getting what you want doesn’t make you happy. Happiness is more about appreciation than acquisition.”
“The things we remember are what we hold on to, and what we hold on to becomes the story of our lives. We only get one story. And I am determined to make mine a good one.”


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