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Book Title: The Little bookshop of love stories

Author: Jaimie Admans

Genre: Fiction/Romance

Line Summary :

The very unlucky bookish girl found her luck, love, life through an old little bookshop for which she became an owner by luck!

My Review:

One of the close to heart read! What a brilliant way to capture the audience! It’s a book about two book lovers and they can’t share any more similar thoughts with the readers! It feels like we are reading our thoughts in the book as a booklover! The plot is simple and cozy I want to visit/live in the bookshop! The narration is so witty I laughed out loud right from the first chapter!  The characters are so intense and close to the heart! I can’t give up the thought the story stretched a lot than necessary especially on the final chapters! Other than that I Immensely enjoyed this slow-paced journey with each and every page and I highly recommend it to all the book lovers to enjoy!

Thoughts While Reading:

This section has some subtle spoilers,

  • The narration is so hilarious as I mentioned above I often laughed out loud! Even when I am not a small smile lingering all through the read.
  • The way she describes the village and the bookshop is adorable, I want it to be real and to visit the bookshop and lost into its book pages as the characters do!
  • The characters ( Hallie and Dimitry) can’t be close to the heart than any other book characters in recent times!  It feels like the author described me and all the book lovers I met in my life as characters!
  • The conversation between them made me feel Deja Vu! I am dying to have such conversations with my fellow book lovers, but after some time it seems too repeated and too much of dose even for the book lovers!
  • The messages from books and the way it made people catch up are lovable, dreamy yet unbelievable!
  • And even the way Hallie manages to run a shop without any prior experience seems too good to be true in practical ways but the way the story travels made us forget about it
  • The storyline is very simple and often predictable so the way Hallie reacted to the truth is made my eyes rolled out! Is it really necessary to have such a drama in that lenient story? Why can’t Dimitry simply explained it and made a deal with his brother on the spot? I felt it’s an unnecessary drama and it’s my least favorite part.
  • Other than this I thank the author to capture the world of the book lovers their emotions, their dreams in a most precise way! Must read for all the book lovers!

my rating -2


Quotes from the book :

“Because books can change lives and make people feel not alone when they most desperately need it.”

“I always believe something most wonderful is about to happen.”

“There will always be something to look forward to even if it’s only the knowledge that things will get better.”

 Thanks to #netgalley and the publishers #HQDigitalUK for this ARC, this review is straight from my heart not biased in any way.


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