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Book Title: The lost husband

Author: Katherine Center

Genre: Fiction / Romance

My Review:

Each time I read Katherine Center’s book I am falling in love with them more. I like this book and can’t wait to see the movie ( hope they don’t ruin it ) it’s usual Katherine Center book. A widowed woman with 2 kids found her life wisdom in a farm setting. I love the characters, each different from one another, and added value to the entire story. The narration is great and though I thought I already predicted the entire storyline, some of my guesses were really wrong !!! And that makes the story more interesting. The plot is so intense and sad but somehow the narration felt light. ( I know 🙄) . Above everything else the calm soothing happy feeling while reading her words is heavenly. I kind of used to it with all her books and yet it’s not boring! Highly recommend it!

Thoughts while reading :

This section has some subtle spoilers:

  • I couldn’t believe the initial act of Libby, with a single letter from her not very well known aunt, she quit her jobs, quit her kid’s school, and moved to a country farm without even checking it before ???!!! I couldn’t make my head around with it however I try! But that’s the only part I can’t accept, other than this the book is a lovely leisure read!
  • The way she named all the goats with famous women’s names is hilarious and adorable!
  • The kids especially Abby with her bully problems and the way it solved (or unsolved ) really an eye-opener for all of us ( it’s kind of a metaphor for adults with their problems )
  • Can’t say enough about aunt Jane! I wonder I will ever see anyone like her in real life!
  • The hot farmer O’Connor, the minute he introduced in the book we could know Libby and he is going to be together by the end of the book!
  • I like to read KC’s books because with a world full of various treats, violence, tragedy, etc her books give us hope, make us forgive, move on with life with the whole new positive energetic attitude and I value it more than anything in a book!


my rating -2


Favorite quotes from the book :

“I always tell people that it’s not really what happens to you that matters as much as who you become in response to those things.”

“You can’t just wish strength for yourself. Or wisdom. Or resilience. Those things have to be earned”



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