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Book Title: The Hiding Girl

Author: Dorian Box

Genre: Fiction/Thriller

Line Summary:

12 Year old Emily Calby’s life changed on a single day when two unknown murderers killed her mother and sister. While hiding from the murderers for survival, she could take revenge on them?

My Review:

                            This is my first book by Dorian Box and “Man! I am way too impressed and awaiting its sequel!”. Reading this book is like watching a super thriller movie! Such a page-turner! The initial fire started on the very first page burned through the end! This is definitely a non-putdownable until we finish it. The author captures each emotion precisely and so we are traveling along with a hiding girl instead of watching it over! Such a fast-paced story which made us biting our nails, sitting on the edge of the chair in each twist! The small details spilled all over the book is logically, practically well connected! I appreciate the way the author has diversified characters and capture the evilness without compromising! All the thriller lovers, it’s a must-read!

Thoughts While Reading:

This section has subtle spoilers,

  • I wish they should make a movie based on this book! Such a perfect script for suspense thriller!
  • As I told the very first chapter hooked us to the story and till the end we are chasing the story to find ”what happens next “ with the pounding heart!


  • I love the way Emily Calby’s character was portrayed! The other significant character Lucas was equally impressed! 
  • The place where she lost her backpack my heart almost stunned like her! Kudos to the author who ported us into the character to make us feel the emotions!



  • A lot of unbelievable twists and turns but the way the story traveled we didn’t have time to even think about those!
  • The final chapters were totally unbelievable but yet I think I want the story to finish that way and so it didn’t bother me at all!
  • The reason behind all those criminal things done by evil men is “nothing”! This is shocking yet that would be the truth in most of the criminal activities I guess! And I appreciate it that way instead of having some flashback with another tragedy!
  • After the peaceful final chapters, I don’t have the heart to read its sequel where Emily Calby would suffer again ! (But still I do want to read another page-turner and waiting for its sequel! )img_6278 I wish she should live a long happy life instead of having another suffering episode in another book! ( yeah, yeah, I know it’s a story !! 😉 )


my rating -1





Thanks to #dorianbox the indie author and publisher and #netgalley for this ARC. This review is straight from my heart not biased in any way.


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