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First of all Thanks a lot to dear  Moushmi Radhanpara for accepting my request for this “Guest Post”. We met on Instagram! ( I think that’s the way the future will be 😉 ) . And I am impressed by her book choices which often included the topic “Feminism”. I love the way she spread the messages, stand up for what she believes in! And when I came to know about her poetry book “Posies”, I want to review it! But I am not so good at reading poetry let alone review it! But instead, I asked her to do a guest post and with the generous heart, she accepted my request. In this post, she talked about the inspiration, struggles behind her published book. I wish her  “All the Very Best” for her future endeavors! You can find her at the below mentioned social media pages

Her website

Her Bookstagram Account

Now Moushmi’s story behind her book,

How Posies Came About :

                                         I had never considered myself as a poet and I still don’t do probably. Whenever I thought of myself as trying to become a writer only prose came to mind. For years I have been writing for various websites, acting as a content writer, sharing my thoughts on various platforms but every time it was through prose that I came across to the world. When my high school teacher asked me to participate in a creative writing competition in behalf of my school, I submitted a prose essay, when it came to my bachelors or my masters I wrote prose pages after pages, so how come someone like me came about to write a poetry collection as a debut book?

You understand the term ‘rough patch’ don’t you? I am sure we are all putting 2020 as one of those years, so you know what I am talking about. I have had a few of these before, these rough patches. Of course, most of us have had these, and all of us have tried to use those patches in as efficient and as creative a way possible. ‘POSIES’ was a turn out of one of these useless and just as useful patches. It was one of those times of failure when I was whiling away my time knowing not what to do. A stoic phase of life thinking that nothing would ever come out of it. Fortunately, my first book did. 

I am not the kind of person who does New Year’s resolutions, so 2019 started just as another year did for me. I was looking forward to nothing new but a few days into the year and I was already dreading it. So, I decided to write. I was already writing now and then, but I did not have the dedication or the discipline to write a book so I chose to write poetry.  

My first step was to read. I paced my reading habits, began being selective about the books I picked and read at least five poems every day. I knew I was good at reading but if I did not channelize myself into writing I knew I would never put pen to paper. So I actually put pen to paper. I promised myself that I would write one poem every single day of the year. That does seem far-fetched and there were days when I really could not bring myself to write even a line. I excused myself these days but I made sure I did not let this happen often. I made a point to write something every day; it did not matter if it was good or bad if it was an actual poem or just a few lines trying to prove a point. I wrote. Definitely, some of them weren’t good enough for a book, some others just went as far as my blog, but the other few made it to Posies. 

Those poems didn’t quite just make it. There was a hectic process, which made me miserable even more than I was. The writing was difficult, agreed, but what was more difficult was the process of editing and publishing. I had no idea what I was getting myself into and even the smallest of things took a lot of effort for me. But I guess that is the price you pay for your dreams to come true. An entire years’ work was being tested and criticized, edited, and re-edited, and it took a lot of me to make this happen. Remember we used to say ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ but when you actually publish something of yours you have to still make it look as interesting as possible, and then comes the actual publishing process. Here, I realize I should stop ranting about how difficult it got starting in December 2019. It truly did. But it still feels worth it all. 

Posies is a collection of poems as raw as they could be. I am not sure if they touch your heart, which is for my readers to decide, but they are as honest as they can be. The themes in the book vary from life and death, love, existentialism, to women’s’ issues, and a few more aspects of life. It has ten different sections with few poems each to justify what brings forward these emotions. I have been told it is vast, but I have also been told it is worth the effort. 

It was this book too, which made me want to write more poems and gave me the idea of my second book. Still, in progress, my second book features a few poems and caters to the need of those suffering from mental health issues. This is definitely going to be a little shorter but I will try my best to do justice to the trauma which is still stigmatized and given so less importance. 

Now, before I sign off I owe a big thank you to all my readers, for their constant criticism and praises, and another one to dear Shivi Chinnappa who invited me for this blog post. 

Happy reading and happy writing to all of you out there.

Stay safe. 


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    Go check out what I have to brag about myself and what she has to say about this tiresome author 😉

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