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Book Title: Recipe for a Perfect Wife

Author: Karma Brown

Genre: Fiction

Line Summary:

                                   The story of two women from different time periods who suffered from male domination and society’s unfair women treatment found their own way to tackle it!

My Review:

                         I don’t know why but I thought this book is a humor fiction( read or heard somewhere ). But no!This is a very serious fiction that happened in two different time periods with two different generations. I love the 1950s story! Love those characters, their liveliness. The 2018 story is confused, not on a point and it seems like the author couldn’t conclude what she supposed to write. This book would do much better if it contains only the 1950s story! Huge disappointment for me!

Thoughts While Reading :

This section has subtle spoilers,

  • The recipe in each chapter seems authentic but not fail-proof.It’s a cute idea!


  • The 1950s Nellie’s story is lenient, subtle but very clear about the message! My heart was weeping for those women!



  • Her character is strong, lovable, and shocking! And I hate to say I am with Nelli for “ don’t bring the child in already broken house “. Though can’t justify her actions I don’t think any other possible way on that societal period where she had zero control over her choice of conceiving a child.
  • The narration of the garden is adorable, I would love to have such a garden! The author did a great job of capturing those time era, the society in those periods!
  • Now the 2018 story, I am seriously confused ! Am I miss the point or it seems jumbled with so much confusion with the Alice character ??!!


  • She never voices out her opinions but wants her husband to read her mind and act accordingly? She didn’t say explicitly she doesn’t want to move to suburban to her husband but hate him for doing it ??? She losing her job and depend on him is a reason for that ??!!!
  • This pattern continues throughout the story, she didn’t say to her husband she is not ready for a baby then got irritated with his actions of starting a family, to the top she got an IUD and hide it from his husband ???!!!! Seriously? What the author tried to say?


  • And she is in her own fantasy of her husband is having an affair ?? And tried to justify her actions by believing it ??!!
  • I am totally confused and reread to make sure I didn’t miss anything! I hate this story! Hate the way she portrayed Alice’s character! It can’t be justified in any way!


  • And because of this, the beautiful 1950s story got degraded! I wish this book contains only that story!

my rating



All these two stars are for the 1950s story in this book and for the brave “Nelli” character!

Favorite Quotes from the Book:

“The wife who bowed to her husband, who apologized for things out of her control, who made his life easier even if it made hers harder. The perfect wife.”

“Women have so few choices. Our gender can be our greatest strength, but it is also our greatest weakness.”

“The hardest question we have to ask ourselves in this life is, “Who am I?” “.



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