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Book Title: Can I Give My Husband Back

Author: Kristen Bailey

genre: Humor/Fiction

Publishing Date: 19 June 2020

Line Summary :

This story is about Emma’s life after divorcing her cheating husband and the love and bonding between her and her 4 sisters.

My Review :

A lovely, humorous, emotional story that engages from the very first chapter through the end! The narration is witty, often made us laugh! The characters are lovely, natural, and made us hook into the story! This book has a dash of humor, romance, sentiment, family drama! And each emotion settled very deeply into us! Sometimes I feel Emma’s character is too noble for human but that’s a very negligible part. Like in “Marian Keyes” books, I love the way the author captures the sibling love and that makes me envy about it! The very sensitive subjects, divorce, cheating, adoption had been handled very carefully in an entertaining way by the author! I highly recommend it for a summer read!

Thoughts While Reading :

This section has some subtle spoilers,

  • The initial chapters were too witty and I often laughed out loud!img_6339-1
  • But it’s not a humorous story alone, I often felt sad for Emma and mad at Simon. it’s a very mixed emotional story.
  •  I appreciate the way Emma handled the situations at her best but delivered the other women’s kid and paying her lawyer fee and all too much for me to consider as practical.

  • Isn’t it portray divorced women should follow her noble way instead of showing their raw bitter emotions ??!! I can’t avoid the rising question of how practical Emma’s character for real?img_6364-1
  • On the other hand, I like it though it’s not practical or natural! It’s refreshing to read a female lead who is mature, not loony, and handled her emotions so well and did all the good things !! It’s often the other way and so I highly appreciate it!img_6365
  • The sibling love is so cute as I mentioned above. I often think I should have at least one sister and so the love between 5 sisters made me escape into their life! I enjoyed this kind of sister’s life stories in my favorite author Marian Keyes ! after her this is the first story that I adore about sisters’ love/life!img_6367
  • But it totally got spoiled on the scene where Lucy gave bikini cut to her sister! Ewww … isn’t it too much ??!!img_6368
  • I like the way the author captured the Indian culture and wedding though it’s a very small portion of the story. I feel proud and she definitely did her homework about it!img_6369
  • But I hate the way the character Jag Kohli defined. He is more like a puppy around Emma rather than a partner! Disappointed!img_6370
  • And the other divorced couple Leo and Fray where Fray vilified, why should mock her veganism and eco-friendly remarriage? That’s my least favorite!
  • Finally this book made me feel good and relaxed even though it handled such an emotional sensitive subject! That’s the victory of the author!img_6371-1


What are your favorite books that talk about sister’s love? Share your thoughts in the comments!


Thanks to #netgalley and the publishers #bookouture for this ARC. This review is straight from my heart not biased in any way!


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