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Book Title: The Guest

Author: Cathryn Grant

Genre: Thriller

Publishing Date: 24 May 2020

Line Summary:

Elle thought her family is a good normal one. Suddenly one day her husband introduces a guest without announcing prior to her and lets him stay with them! The day he brought him he reveals other secrets he holds on for months which leads to further problems. Meanwhile, a murder in her son’s class in which he is the prime suspect added further questions. The answers to those questions revealed an unimaginable twist!

My Review :

It’s a good thriller but not the excellent one! If you haven’t read a lot of thrillers it would be a good one to start! But after reading some Mind-blowing thrillers it seems lacking in so many ways! The plot is interesting but the way it got executed is not impressive! The initial chapters were fast-paced! The story picked up in the very first chapter! But after 20% it seems we are reading the same explanations, feelings again & again and it’s boring! The characters were not practical! The story again picked up only after 80% of the book! We couldn’t conclude anything solid but when we came to know a person behind all things it didn’t surprise us! The climax is easily guessable but not too bad!

Thoughts While Reading :

This section has some subtle spoilers,

  • The initial chapters were straight to the point and make us curious!
  • At this age and time is it really believable, that someone would accommodate an unknown stranger to stay even though the husband insists? Not even a quick social media checkup? Which she has done after so many days! Too late! I felt there weren’t strong enough reasons to believe it!img_6389
  • And that weak unbelievable baseline makes the entire story weak!
  • The mention of egoistic male domination strips the society’s obsession over women’s place in the home! I admire the author brought up this very subtle but crucial issue!img_6390
  • Another important issue spoken in this book is bullying! The story captures the real struggle of a mom with her bullied teenage kid! It is heartbreaking!
  • The guest character is very shallow, and didn’t have any impact at all!
  • The one thing that bothered me much was the over descriptive repetition of the same doubts, emotions which makes the wonderful plot executed poorly!img_6391

my rating


Have you read any thriller book where final chapters/twists didn’t surprise you at all?? Share your thoughts in the comments!


Thanks to #netgalley and the publisher #inkubatorbooks for this ARC. This review is straight from my heart, not biased in any way.


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  1. I m reading your review for the first time… Wooww executed extremely well.. Those Gif’s you have used are awesome. Never knew wordepress had those options… Clean and crisp review 👌👍

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  2. Many many times I have read books where the ending fell flat and I have wondered what I had read. One of My prime caustic review was for a book called 11 missed calls. 😂 😂 😂

    Liked by 1 person

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