Book Review – Faith And The Beloved

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Book Title: Faith And The Beloved

Author: Kochery C Shibu

Genre: Crime Thriller

Publishing Date: 16 May 2020

Line Summary:

This story could not be told within 5 lines and so it’s better if you read it by yourself . Or check good reads book blurb. (which is big ).

My Review:

It feels like I finished one massive thriller series in the form of a book. This is a bold, dark crime thriller intertwined with lots of information and characters.  The one thing that marveled me was the amount of research and the information involved with each character description! Hats off! The plot revolved around love, betrayal, war, smuggling, history, terrorism, tragedy, caste monarchy, revenge, hacking technology, martial arts what not ??? The narration is over descriptive especially on the character’s background! I don’t see any necessity for the elaborative background for each and every character! The end chapters were super fast and it raising our heartbeats, but suddenly, it ends with an unbelievable incident. About 3/4 quarters of the book I started to feel the story should end soon! I couldn’t stand the overload of information any more! If you tolerate the heavy descriptive passages then it would be a good crime thriller that travels through almost all the major cities of India!

Thoughts while reading :

  • As I told above I was marveled about the amount of information in this book, and could only imagine with wonder how much work/ research must be done for it ! From terrorism to hacking to online games !!! It has so much information to remember and to connect the events!img_6630
  • But somehow that over descriptive messages also the obstacle for this super thriller story. At one point it makes me tired to remember and read all those Infos.img_6632
  • The character introduction chapters were with big background explanations that went through 3 generations!! It was exhausting to read such a big history of each and every one!savingpng
  • At one point all the characters were connected with each other one or another way and I was appalled by the logic!img_6633
  • The final chapters were rapid and heart-stopping. After the heavy built up racing scenes, the climax felt deflated!savingpng-1
  • Overall if you love an informative thriller then you would enjoy this!


3 stars


Favorite Quotes From The Book:

“Premathine kannilla ,mookkilla, nakkilla, Pranyathinu prayamilla aanum pennum bhedamilla” (love does not have eyes, nose or tongue, love has no age limit, does not differentiate man and woman)!!


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