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Book Title: Better Choices

Author: Rod Pennington & Jeffery A.Martin

Genre: Fiction / Family Saga

Publishing Date: 12 June 2020

Line Summary:

Its a family saga of the O’Connor Family, their secrets, rivalry, the better choices they could make, and the science behind that.

My Review:

After continuously reading some usual romance books this one is a refreshing story of family dynamics! I love this book! From the very first chapter, it hooked us and we straight away dived into the story! All the characters were crisp, lovely, and energetic! The dialogues were witty, quirky, and to the point without an over descriptive background! The narration is rapid with lovely energy! The plot is a simple fun-filled family with its own secrets and struggles. A lot of business dealings and bank numbers were there yet it’s not over-described or boring to read! On the other way, the explanations were simple enough to intrigue the mind. The teenage entrepreneurs were interesting to read but unbelievable. (At least to me!!) This book is so simple and a quick read but with a lot of energy-filled chapters to enjoy! This is my first book from the author duo already I loved their work and digging up their other books! For the plot, this book is surprisingly a page-turner! I highly recommend this for a happy read!

Thoughts while reading :

  • Seriously this book is a game-changer! Unlike the usual family drama books, it surprisingly handled quite different family dynamics!img_6534
  • The business dealings were nice and catchy yet quite understandable with its simple explanations!img_6535
  • All the diversified characters were lovely! And I love the way the story portrayed all the female characters! All are having their own individuality and sense of humor!img_6538
  • The story is narrated from Allison’s point of view and her character is described as an easy push over one who came out of her cocoon! But without her suffering background, we couldn’t register much of her out coming!
  • However convincing and enjoyable the teenage entrepreneurs part is I couldn’t believe it as practical!!img_6536
  • The part of lizard brain explanations and how to make conscious choices is wonderful and worth to experiment on us!
  • Overall I enjoyed this book and finished it in one sitting as it’s never bored or lagged in any phase! I hope you too enjoy it!img_6533

4 star



Any family drama books, exceed your expectations? Share your thoughts in the comments!


Thanks to #netgalley and the publisher #integratedpress  for this ARC. This review is straight from my heart, not biased in any way.


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