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Book Title: Just Saying

Author: Sophie Ranald

Genre: Fiction / Romance

Publishing Date: 03 July 2020


Line Summary:

This story is about the character “Alice”, her life after her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend moved into their apartment as a flatmate and her decision to quit her lawyer job and be a bar employee!

My Review:

This is my first book from this author and I kind of feel “meh” about this book! I don’t love it but I don’t hate it either. But the blurb definitely misguided me! I have a very different expectation from the blurb and its a totally opposite one! This is clearly not a humorous romance book! I didn’t even smile at any scene! The plot is a good one but not interesting at all! The characters are good, deep, and very natural. The initial chapters seem wandering without any point but after some time the sideline story of “me too” movement and sexual harassment kind of getting our attention. but the main story kind of boring without any turning points. I love the way the sexual harassment been handled very sensitively but without compromising its evilness! The bar and the love towards it didn’t much influence me. The gay rights and the issues around them also didn’t get much notice. I think the book tried to handle too many things and ends with watering down all the emotions! And so we couldn’t connect deeply with any single thing/emotion! The love /insecurity between the couples, the love towards the bar, the sadness behind the gay couple, meanwhile the sexual harassment and its impacts everything seems too much to put into a single story and so it’s kind of getting weakened! This is a flat, in the end, all a good story! If you prefer one, it’s a decent enjoyable read!

Thoughts while reading:

  • I love the “Alice” character! Her good heart, patience, insecurities, love everything seems natural and quite good to read!img_6580
  • I don’t know why but The way she loves the bar and tried to save it didn’t impact much at all maybe, it’s because the story implies she tried to distract herself from her trauma than having a passion for the bar job!img_6581
  • As expected I hate the “Zoe” character! But the way she is sneaking into the story is wonderful and the way the story pictures the uneasiness around her is so natural!img_6582
  • Kudos for capturing all those sexual Harassment victim’s emotions! Everything related to it is heartbreaking and it definitely creates awareness about the victims! Those who asked “why they keep silent at that time” should read it I don’t have enough words to praise it! img_6583
  • I wish the story handled only the main romance/ insecurities with “me too” movement rather than the other topics! The sideline flirt, the case of deportation everything seems squeezed into it and so I couldn’t enjoy it at allimg_6584
  • I liked the climax even though it’s a cliche! Overall a good story to enjoy!img_6586 3 stars


What are your favorite romance books recently? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Thanks to #netgalley and the publishers #bookouture for this ARC. This review is straight from my heart not biased in any way!


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