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Book Title: Flying Solo

Author: Zoe May

Genre: Humor Fiction

Publishing Date: 06 July 2020


Line Summary:

When Rachel Watson expects to get engaged, her boyfriend decided to go to India to find himself, Rachel decided to go to India to chase down her love. This story is about whether or not she could able to make him realize and end with a “happily ever after club”?

My Review :

Wow! It’s my first book from the author and I thoroughly enjoy it! She killed it! As true to the blurb it’s a laugh out loud rom-com. I was having laughing tears in my eyes at certain scenes !!! πŸ˜‚. The plot is so unique and refreshing. The characters are believable and relatable. The narration is perfect! Lucid, easy to read, and downright humorous! It’s so good to see the true meaning of the ashram and self-realization through the character’s view! It’s a light-hearted story but we can’t put it down without finish it. Beneath all those humorous scenes it has a great underlying message too! It has the right proportions of love, humor, romance, and message! If you want to enjoy a humorous story, I highly recommend this!

Thoughts While Reading :

  • The initial chapters were giving me the impression of, “this is going to be another corporate lawyer chick lit where the heroine going to find her boyfriend is not her true love” but man how wrong I am!!! This is entirely a different story so if the initial chapters are giving you the wrong impression please don’t give up!img_6595
  • The story picks up when she started her travel to India! The following chapters were downright funny and I laugh out loud like a lunatic.img_6593
  • It is ironic that the person who wants to find himself couldn’t achieve it in the slightest but the one who didn’t believe in it has had self-realization.
  • The maximum setting of the story is in Bangalore, India but man there is no beach in Bangalore as described in the story!img_6597
  • The minute I know the story is going to take place in an ashram in India, I was curious! AΒ  little slip would results in a big controversy especially in a humorous story but to my wonder, it handled so well! I love the way she described India and Adoring it in her own way!
  • Overall this is the best humorous story I read in recent times! I hope you too enjoy it!

4 star






Thanks to #netgalley and the publisher #xpressobooktours for this ARC. This review is straight from my heart, not biased in any way.

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