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Book Title: How to Save a Life

Author: Liz Fenton & Lisa Steinke

Genre: Fiction

Publishing Date: 14 July 2020

Line Summary:

(From Goodreads) When Dom bumps into Mia, his ex-fiancée whom he hasn’t seen in almost a decade, he believes they’ve been given a second chance and asks her out. When Mia dies tragically on their date, Dom makes a desperate wish: to be given the chance to save her life. And when he wakes the next morning to the shock that she’s alive, he thinks his wish may have been granted. But day after day, no matter what he changes about their time together, she still meets a terrible fate.

My Review:

Ok! After reading some 4 /5-star reviews for this book, mine going to be an unpopular opinion of “I don’t like this story that much”!! It’s way too different from my regular reads! I didn’t expect the plot to be this much different ( or peculiar) and so it’s quite a surprise for me! As I am not a big fan of science fiction, this concept is entirely new and so it’s kind of overwhelming for me. I impressed by the narration, its too good for the plot, a little slip would lead to so much confusion but it handled so well! the characters are natural.  I couldn’t put the book down, I was chasing answers by reading page after page! The initial twist and the “continuous  Thursday” portion were good and I enjoyed it! But after some time the repetition kind of tested my patience rather than increasing my curiosity. And  I didn’t get connected with the story. This new storyline didn’t make me awe about it! I  continuously guessed “Something is going to be the reason behind all these ” but my interest had deflated by the climax explanations !! I expected something big, not an emotional explanation for all this! I couldn’t finalize whether it’s science fiction or a romance story, either way, it didn’t fulfill it. I couldn’t conclude whether I like the story or not. But not much impressed at all! If you are into science fiction romance story then you may love this. The book is cute and good in its own way but I am not a big fan!

Thoughts while reading:

  • Up to 25% of the book, it seems like a normal romance story and I didn’t know what to expect but the twist was an unexpected one and it blows my mind!!img_6771
  • After that, the book was on fire or I was on fire to find answers behind all the happenings and getting myself into this much new different concept!img_6772
  • But after some time I found I was reading the same set of questions, emotions and I felt like I was in a loop and so it’s kind of getting bored/irritated!img_6773
  • the final twist and the explanations didn’t live up to my expectations! I kind of disappointed!


3 stars

Thanks to #netgalley and the publishers #lakeunionpublishing for this ARC. This review is straight from my heart not biased in any way!

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