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Book Title: Faking It

Author: Rebecca Smith

Genre: Fiction

Publishing Date: 07 Aug 2020

No.Of Pages: 400

Line Summary:

The story is about Hannah Thompson who wants to be more than a  wife, mother, teacher. She is a secret author of an erotica novel, who tries to become her writing alter -ego.

My Review:

So I am still having a reading slump and so it took almost more than a week for me to finish this simple book! The book is a decent one, and I love the storyline. But definitely lagging in engagement! There were places where I couldn’t cross without yawning or feeling boring! Couldn’t remember any of the characters other than the main one.The narration was slow pacing, witty at places but sometimes felt like reading repetitive emotions. I highly admired all those forward-thinking sexual messages which are a necessity of the moment! If it’s a little bit fast-paced and has a definite purposeful dialogue I would love it much more! Recommend this for some huge shoutout message!

Thoughts while reading:

  • I have a love/hate feeling about Hannah character, I love the way her character is more natural with all those mom thoughts. but it felt boring and irritated to keep on reading her dilemmas about each and everything. Her character could have much more definition! img_7173
  • In the beginning, I hate that she hides her identity for reasons only moms could relate but the final talk on the show and all brilliant!img_7177
  • The stereotype breaking message scattered all over the book is an eye-opener  for all of us.img_7175
  • The way she is talking about sex to the teenage class is so good and one of my fav parts!img_7174
  • Hats off to pulling out this “taboo” thing and handled it so well! For the concept alone I would give all the stars, but the execution somehow dilutes it with other mom and family problems/ insecure feelings and so it didn’t reach out fully, but I enjoyed it and so recommend this to all women!

    3 stars



Thanks to #netgalley and the publishers #harpercollinsuk #onemorechapter for this ARC. This review is straight from my heart not biased in any way!


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