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Book Title:Ayurveda For Modern Life

Author: Emine Rushton

Genre: Self – Help 

Published Date: 9 June  2020

Line Summary:

Ayurveda expert Eminé Rushton pinpoints why it is that modern life takes such a toll on our health, and talks honestly and realistically about how to transform our wellbeing, without pain, confusion or guilt.

My Review:

As I lot of beginners book on Ayurveda I expected something extra on this but this book is also for beginners ! But I liked it . It’s covered all the topics necessary for beginners . Quiet easy to read and  follow and definitely much simpler to understand the basic principles . The narration could have been much interesting . It’s kind of boring at places with some repetitive notions . My favorite part was the recipes . They are so good .simple yet delicious healthy recipes . For the recipes alone I would recommend this book .

As it’s a self help book mostly information based I skipped my second part of review for this ( there is no emotional journey for this book )

3 stars




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