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Book Title: Real Men Knit

Author: Kwana Jackson

Genre: Romance

Published Date: 19 May  2020

No.of Pages : 336

Line Summary:

When their foster-turned-adoptive mother suddenly dies, four brothers struggle to keep open the doors of her beloved Harlem knitting shop, while dealing with life and love in Harlem.

My Review:

It’s a lovely heartwarming story. Yet somehow failed to impress much. I loved the diversified, fully emotion-packed characters! The setting of the story was very different and I loved it! The narration was hot and peppy. The storyline was simple and good. There were no big surprises or turning points. Yet the pull and push romance made the story live. It’s an exact proportion of pull and pushes romance!! . The grief part also managed so well without any overdose. The climax was off-putting for me. It could have been much better. Otherwise, I liked the story and recommend it!

Thoughts while reading:

  • The initial grief part was very touching and the way the mama character portrayed was impressive! Mama joy is such a legend!img_7589
  • The 4 hot brothers were really alluring! Liked their emotions, the difference in their appearances and thoughts, fully muscle yet so vulnerable and kind-hearted!!Their characters were adorable!img_7590
  • The pull and push romance was the only thing that holds the story, I liked those parts!!img_7591
  • The reopening of the shop was kind of sidelined with the romance but near the end, it came to the track!img_7592
  • I don’t like the climax at all. It could have been much better. I hate romance scenes in front of the kids that too here it’s too much in front of the entire class.img_7593
  • In how many more stories we have to read men’s jealousy is cute and romantic? Seriously !!! I hate jess’s jealousy portrayed in that way!img_7594
  • Oh I admired the feminist part of knitting is for men too and the #realmenknit hashtag everything, where is that dialogue “good women don’t finish off themselves“ came?? It destroyed my entire admiration! Where is it came? Why is it necessary ??!!img_7595

3 stars


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