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I am shivi, an Engineering Graduate,EX S/W Engineer, now a SAHM (stay at home mom ). Born and brought up in a small village of Tamilnadu, South India. I am very proud of my mother language ( Tamil ) and my native.

Why I started Blogging?

I always love to read. My love for books starts when I was 5. Thanks to my dad who introduced books to me and always took me to every book fair around my town and bought as many books as I like without any second thoughts. Till now I am having my own mini library in my mom’s home. Wherever I go the first thing I used to do is ” Check the local library and become a member”. Books are my love. And a lot of reading made me passionate about writing. The urge to talk with someone about the book that impacts me in every possible way made me start this blog. I am happy to share my views with the world.

My other blog scribblingjournal where I talk about whatever I like motherhood, fashion , some easy recipes what not? Do check it, for some fun skimming.

Comments and feedback are precious to me. Nothing can brighten my day like a positive comment. So let me know if you feel I deserve an appreciation.

You can contact me at:

E-Mail: shivi.chinnappa@gmail.com

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