Book Review – The Silent Dolls by Rita Herron @ritaherron @bookouture

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Book Title: The Silent Dolls

Author: Rita Herron

Genre: Thriller

Publishing Date: 17 July 2020

Line Summary:

(From Goodreads)When Penny Matthews, a seven-year-old girl goes missing in the Appalachian mountains, Detective Ellie Reeves is called straight to the scene.  Racing against the rapidly setting sun and a brutal winter storm on the horizon, she searches desperately for Penny. Special Agent Derrick Fox is determined to join the hunt. Can Ellie and Derrick defy the odds and find out the truth about all the stolen girls?

My Review :

True to the blurb it’s an absolutely gripping mystery thriller! A real page-turner with twists and turns which made me keep on guessing and change my ideas with every twist! The story hooked us from the beginning and the narration engaged us! I like the way all the characters were portrayed ! Especially our hero Ellie Reeves. The story setting is perfect! The horror of the forbidden forest trails and the monstrous weather were captured wonderfully! The book is definitely a non-putdownable and it makes our heart race with its twists! It captures the emotions of all the characters well. I love to read a female detective story and really admired the way her character portrayed on this! But I hate to read she need rescue at one point from other male detectives/friends, but other than that I enjoyed this book and looking forward it’s sequel ! Overall if you want to read some heartbeat raising, creepy, unguessable mystery thriller you would enjoy this page-turner!


Thoughts While Reading :

  • Feeling frustrated to read still women needs to prove themselves in each and every profession! Though they have a passion and chose to fight to attain it! The initial turmoil about county sheriff election and the way one of the parents asked to replace her with a more eligible person made my blood boil! Thanks for bringing these issues up! This way at least I hope people would change their views or help to break the stereotypes!img_6804
  • The missing girls, the nightmares, and the ghost stories were creepy to read ! Especially about the women who heard voices from the lost kids? I felt her character is unnecessary and confusing.img_6805
  • The Appalachian trail and it’s horridness was captured wonderfully and the narration made us transport over there!img_6806
  • But couldn’t avoid the question of with the worst weather condition how the girls survived without proper dressing and comfort?img_6808
  • And I couldn’t believe the way the reeves family acted through all this? How is it possible for a sheriff to behave like that? It’s not so natural or practical but I think it’s negligible considering story’s upbeat narration!img_6809
  • The final twists and the climax were mind-blowing! Still need answers to some question which we will have in the following book I guess.img_6810
  • A great mystery thriller and Definitely an addictive series to looking for!img_6811

4 star



Thanks to #netgalley and the publisher #bookouture for this ARC. This review is straight from my heart, not biased in any way.

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