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Book Title: The Book of Lost Names

Author: Kristin Harmel

Genre: Historical Fiction

Publishing Date: 21 July 2020

No. of Pages: 400


Line Summary:

Inspired by an astonishing true story from World War II, this book is about a young woman with a talent for forgery helps hundreds of Jewish children flee the Nazis

My Review:

Wow! What a lovely historical fiction! After “ The Nightingale “ I was looking for a similar WWII related book and this one is amazing! Though I liked the nightingale more than this, I enjoyed this too! The story was emotional and heart wrenching! The characters were heroic! The narration was fluid and crisp. Some chapters were raising my heartbeat and I was hastily turning pages to find out what happened next! But other than that few chapters its a slow-paced story for its setting! For a world war 2 related book it lacks bold adventuresome scenes but replaced them with emotional ones. I couldn’t ignore that some scenes were similar to “The Nightingale! But the climax was astonishing!!! A must-read brilliant historical fiction! 

Thoughts while reading :

  • This book satisfies my historical fiction thirst after “The Nightingale “. One of the things I admired in both books was the heroine oriented story, in spite of its war-related setting. img_6873
  • I was so mad at Eva’s mother at each and every stage. And I wish Eva should have stand up for herself. And what about all the characters defend her mom?img_6875
  • Sometimes I felt the story lacks in bold adventurous scenes and so it fails to be a page-turner. Definitely, you need a little bit of patience to finish some chapters.img_6876
  • I could guess the traitor from the beginning when things going wrong! so not much surprise there, which I believe very important to keep the story’s upbeat and so failed to do so!img_6874
  • Without mentioning the war’s real cruelty and atrocities it tough to understand the importance of the forgery works unless you read or know about it from other books/sources. The book failed to make us understand it.img_6877
  • The initial America scene and the unsung unknown hero of war were much similar scenes from “The Nightingale”.img_6878
  • Though it’s unbelievable I loved that emotional climax. Finally happy tears and reunion.img_6879

4 star



Thanks to #netgalley and the publisher #gallerybooks,#simonandschuster for this ARC. This review is straight from my heart, not biased in any way.


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