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Book Title: The BackPacking Bride

Author: Janice Horton

Genre: Fiction

Publishing Date: 10 July 2020


Line Summary:

From Goodreads: When Maya’s fiancé drops dead just moments before the wedding, her life is spent spinning out of control. Now, Maya setting off on the mystery honeymoon her fiancé had planned for them, she finds that there is life after loss!

My Review:

My expectations for this book were high from the beginning and I felt this one didn’t fulfill it! It may be my mood but the story is not engaging! The storyline is very good, and traveling scenes were brilliant, but somehow it lacks emotional depth! I couldn’t feel Maya’s lost, her sorrow anything at all! Everything is in words but not touching the heart! The travel scenes were neither serious nor humorous and so failed to impact me. The “India” scenes hurt me, I could understand the cultural shock, and in orderly behaviors of people, dirty Ganges, etc but still, it hurts ( maybe I am a too much pride Indian) after the story reached Hong Kong everything is so dramatic! Though the storyline picked up , the twists were unbelievable! Very melodramatic for me! But I loved the final twists in the race and the climax! If you are looking for a good laid back enjoyable uplifting story you would enjoy it!

Thoughts while reading:

  • From the beginning, Maya’s character seemed weak! There is no strong definition and so couldn’t make a connection with her emotions!!img_7107
  • The “India” scenes were made me uncomfortable and the way she felt the divine power and all felt dubious than blissful!img_7108
  • The Ashram related scenes were neither funny nor serious!img_7109
  • The scenes are lucid but the way she made connected it with fate and divine power kind of feel like a cliche (believe me I am a believer of divine power, cosmic ordering everything ).img_7110
  • Once she reached the Hongkong, the story is filled with unbelievable events, followed by Maya’s dilemma and justifying thoughts !! its kind of boring to read the repeated dilemmas in each and every situation!img_7111
  • I loved the final race twists and the climax! But it took a long time for me to reach there as the story lagging in the engaging part!img_7112

3 stars




Thanks to #netgalley and the publishers #harpercollinsuk #onemorechapter for this ARC. This review is straight from my heart not biased in any way!


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