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Book Title: Another Woman’s Child

Author: Kerry Fisher

Genre: Fiction

Publishing Date: 05 Aug 2020

Line Summary:

The story is about the life of Jo after she decided to take her dead friend Ginny’s teenage son victor to her family! The consequences following the decision and the secrets that changed everybody’s life!

My Review:

This book helps me coming out of my horrible reading slump! The storyline was good! The thing I got most impressed was the “Jo” character, a very deep and accurate one! Could relate to her insecurities in so many places!! The narration is slow at the beginning but after a few chapters it picked up! The twist is not actually a twist, could guess it at the early stage of the story but the character’s reaction to that secret is engaging! The climax is kind of “all good in the end “ cliche but I liked it! A very nice family drama to enjoy! If you have difficult teenage kids I would suggest you read this! it’s not giving any advice at all, but would help you understand you are not alone! I wish it to be more engaging and a little bit fast, other than that I like it !!

Thoughts while reading:

  • The story has a very slow start but if you have the patience to hang in there it would pick up very soon!img_7138
  • I love Jo’s character, more relatable, more natural with all mom flaws! The way she was looking for approval from everyone even though she hated herself for it was perfectly captured !! Her character has more depth and more accurate! I was marveled at the level of patience she showed to her teenage daughter! I would daresay her character alone hold the story from start to end!img_7139
  • The story shows two extreme mom characters, one who is always insecure and accepting other’s blame for her kid and another one who always defends her kid instead of realizing the truth !! Both of them are more natural!!img_7140
  • Victor’s character is too noble for a teenager whose mom just died but his uncomfortable was impressively described! And the selfishness of men was perfectly captured in Patrick’s Character!img_7144
  • Jo’s reaction after found out the truth is somehow off-putting and the loop of emotions was boring after some timeimg_7142
  • The racism and the prejudice addressed in this story is admirable! The way it just crept into everyone especially when it easy to blame is represented in an impressive way!img_7143
  • The climax is somehow cinematic but I like it anyway, as I love happy endings !! But the story is slow-paced for me and very easily predictable from the beginning and so lacks engagement! Hence the 3 stars!!img_7141


3 stars




Thanks to #netgalley and the publishers #bookouture for this ARC. This review is straight from my heart not biased in any way!


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