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Book Title: Grown-ups

Author: Marian Keyes

Genre: Fiction / Family Drama

Publishing Date: 30 June 2020


Line Summary:

This book is about the “Casey” family. The three brothers and their wives, kids with their pasts, struggles and family drama!


My Review:

I am a big fan of Marian Keyes and was excited to receive this ARC . It is such a big book and took more than my normal time to finish it! It’s a big Irish family drama! Seriously a lot of characters to remember, itched me to draw a connection diagram of all the names mentioned! It took a while to remember all the characters and their connections! And so many POVs! I was amazed by how depth each character is! But didn’t able to connect with any of the single characters. The narration is slow but not boring! Appreciate the way it talked about the important issues like “ period poverty” and “bulimia”! Seriously the entire story is like watching some serious family drama series on TV! It’s entertaining so we can watch it with some amusement but didn’t make an impact! I recommend it if you are enjoying big family drama books! I did enjoy it!

Thoughts While Reading:

This section has subtle spoilers,

  • The initial chapters were chaos. So many characters (25 main characters alone ) to remember and their connection between them. It took almost 20% of the book to grip on a story with proper character understanding!!img_6430
  • I was amazed by the characterization !! Each character is perfectly portrayed! The little details of them were never missed anywhere! It’s such a huge thing to write little things about the characters without missing them and connect them well with the situations! I wonder about the author’s ability!img_6435
  • And the story narration never missed a bit! The drama flows properly and connects logically well! There is no single quibble in that which is amazing given by the number of characters and incidents happening in the story!!!img_6431
  • The family drama is not felt too much but it really felt like a drama! There is no connection between readers and the characters, their emotions at all!img_6437
  • Nothing could be felt from the story no humor, no sentiment not even felt the love! Nothing at all! Just like watching some entertaining show without getting into it! Such a lake off emotional depth!img_6433
  • I appreciate the Jessie character! The way she gathered the whole family which is a psychological balance off act for the hate from her ex-in-laws.I really want to ask the author from where she found her characters ?? From her life by seeing so many people or just design it in her head ?? Either way, it’s amazing!
  • As I mentioned above the way she portrayed the “bulimia” and “period poverty” issues were highly appreciable. I wish more books should come like this so that many people could understand it better as an illness rather than a lack of discipline.img_6432
  • The romance between Ferdia and Nell is my least favorite part of the entire story! Nell should have left it after her confession of need time to make her head sort out! The getaway and romance scenes were not enjoyable !! Is it added to have some romantic scenes in the story ???!!! If so it didn’t do any justice.img_6436
  • Even though it lacks in the connection between the readers, I did enjoy the story and huge kudos to the author for the wonderful execution of storytelling!img_6438

my rating -2


What are your favorite family drama books? Share your thoughts in the comments!


Thanks to #netgalley and the publishers #penguinrandomhousecanada for this ARC. This review is straight from my heart not biased in any way!


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