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Book Title: Writers & Lovers

Author: Lily King

Genre: Fiction

Publishing Date: 03 March 2020

No. Of Pages: 320

Line Summary:

(From Goodreads)Writers & Lovers follows Casey–a smart and achingly vulnerable protagonist–in the last days of a long youth, a time when every element of her life comes to a crisis.

My Review:

Okay! I heard a lot of praise for this book from everyone especially from the famous authors and so I was curious! I didn’t read the blurb or had any idea about the book. Blindly I started reading it and I say it’s an ok book. I couldn’t find anything special or admirable or impressive in this. It’s an average contemporary, and some parts I didn’t like it at all. The narration is from Casey’s POV alone and it does make sense as the story is only about her. The characters were chaos! Out of nowhere, some characters would show up without any reason/need to be! The plot is confusing, I am not sure is it about the struggles of woman writer! The one thing (and only thing ) I admired a lot is the way it addresses the important issue of “women around success”. Other than that I didn’t feel anything significant in this! I seriously don’t know why it has so much hype ???!!! I guess for the authors, they could relate much of their life with this book and so it may be emotionally very touching for them, but for me nothing is relatable.  Or am I dumb to not understand it’s specialty ??!!! I don’t know but my review is my view ( even it’s the dumbest view ) and so I won’t recommend it if you don’t have the patience to sit with a long boring senseless life of an author!

Thoughts while reading:

  • I could understand the grief about her mother and the way it kept her from moving on, but what about David ?? The depth of their relationship never showed and so I had difficulty understanding her feelings about it!img_6905
  • As I told above I love that it addresses the important issue of male dominance and “how women feel undeserved about their success “! The imposter syndrome and how truly and widely it spread around our society. I admired it!img_6906
  • I hate Oscar’s arrogance and when he said “he feels happy when he is around with her “, I felt like knocking him out! How selfish one should be to believe that their happiness is enough to continue a relationship!img_6908
  • At least I thought the story is more realistic that s why it got admired so much, but then the final chapters ruined that too. What a cliche climax !! In spite of my happy endings liking, it felt very unnatural compared to the story’s path. At least should have spare the Sila’s reunite!img_6909
  • It’s a good read! probably I would have liked it much better if I didn’t have high expectations from all the hype. expected something more special and magic by seen all those praises from all those authors and so it’s normality seems below average to me! That’s the downside of the hype I guess!img_6910

3 stars



Thanks to #netgalley and the publishers #Grovepress,#groveatlantic for this ARC. This review is straight from my heart not biased in any way!

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