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Book Title: A Rainforest Adventure

Author: Sharon C.Williams

Genre: Children’s Book/ Fiction

Published Date: 9 July 2019

No. of Pages: 54

Line Summary:

Jasper is no ordinary parrot. He lives in the rainforest, which secrets he’s eager to explore. Jasper loves his home and his family, and he’s also in charge of his younger brother Willie – a responsibility Jasper takes very seriously.

My Review:

Such a lovely fiction for kids. My kid loves it! it’s very easy to read and understand the emotions! Fun to read about the forest and parrots. I was looking for this kind of fiction for my kid quite a long time and I am so happy to find this! When it comes to fiction books for boys, the classics are quite tough for them(at least to my boy) to understand, and other books have dark humor as a theme! (What is it with boys and dark humor books???!!!!) This one is perfect with its little but practical messages!! I am sure the sequels would be much more exciting and fun reads. I highly recommend this for intermediate readers who would enjoy some light fiction books!

Kids Review:

Most Favorite Parts:

When Jasper looks himself on the river and found he has beautiful full-grown feathers!

Least Favorite Part:

When Jasper woke up and found ants on him and Willy!

Thanks to the author #sharncwilliams for this review copy. This review is straight from my heart not biased in any way!

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