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Book Title: What You Wish For

Author: Katherine Center

Genre: Fiction

Line Summary:

A school Librarian who loves her school and island and was hopelessly in love with her former colleague found out the same ex-colleague became a principal of her school and tried to destroy it. She stands up and tried to change the pricipal to his former shelf while fighting with her own darkness.

My Review:

The usual Katherine Center Magic. I am a big fan of Katherine Center and was desperate to get this book as soon as possible. All those efforts are worth indulging in this wonderful story! Lovely story with a lineant plot. As usual, her characters are adorable, natural, and life-changing. The narration is neither fast-paced nor slow-paced but enjoyable on every page. Celebrate life whenever you could is the baseline and it’s really awesome to find a reason for that. I love to read KC’s books more and more. They are subtle but surely has an impact on our thinking, on our life.  Check this out, you will be happy about it!

Thoughts while reading :

This section has subtle spoilers,

  • The “Sam” character is lovely. The way she came out of her cocoon and try to live her life by desperately looking for happiness is a deep lesson for everyone. Her impact made me looking for colorful clothes! img_6303
  • But it’s not believable that she ran away from her previous destination just because of her unexpressed one side love!!!
  • I would love if the characters Alice, Helen, and the podcast celebrity were elaborated or included more in the story! Those characters were interesting and the one or two pages are not enough!
  • The reason behind Duncan’s change is easily guessable from the beginning ( his continuous obsession over security made us think about the shooting at schools ) and so it’s not shocked to know it.img_6305
  • After 80% of the book, it seems so many emotional outbursts! Emotions overloaded on every page!img_6306
  • Like in “The lost husband” book by the same author the wise old character Babette is adorable. I love to read about her and Max’s life.
  • The drama of “Clay” got lost and the subsequent events made me roll my eyes out. It seems those were just pushed into the story!img_6304
  • As usual, this story would make you think about your life, possible ways to looking for happiness! If you are stressed, sad, or depressed read this! It will make you look at life from a different perspective! make you realize the value of what you have and will make you cherish it! celebrate it!img_6308

my rating -2


Favorite Quotes From the Book:

“Be careful , What you wish for”

“You will never get anything that matters without earning it”


Thanks to #netgalley and #stmartinspress for this ARC. This review is straight from my heart not biased in any way!



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